BEHIN SHOLE Company began its activity by manufacturing a special gas heater Burner in 1995. Over time, other Gas Burners for different gas appliances were produced. Now BEHIN SHOLE produces a variety of Gas Burners for wall-hung water heaters, Combi-Boilers, storage water heaters and ovens. Also production of premix special Burners, fireplace Burners, oil and ceramic heaters are in the part list.

This products variety is due to need to different heat capacities and to create different flames in terms of color, shape, height and volume. So that having the minimum harmful gases (NOx and CO) along with the maximum heat efficiency the domestic and foreign customer requests are met.

Belief in quality and use of world technical knowledge, employing of appropriate production and laboratory equipment, interest and dedication personnel as well as communication and constructive dialogue with customers have increased quality and quantity of production over time. BEHIN SHOLE with more than 18 years of history is the most well-known Iranian Company which produces Gas Burners. Thanks to its experience, company has the ability to design and manufacture of special Burners. Design Flat Storage Burner (Company patents) and Arc Shape Burner are examples of this claim. BEHIN SHOLE is a worldwide team with local experts, thanks to its 2 production plants in Iran and sale office in Turkey.